In 2007, initiative save African children (ISAC KIDS) was “born”. This was a result of the suffering that I grew up witnessing in the community. The time at which I grew up in the early 1980s, were days when HIV and AIDS was at its peak. In the communities where I lived were people had no idea it was HIV AIDS that they were suffering from instead they thought believed it was witchcraft. This led to the indiscriminate death of people because they were ignorant about the problem and it eventually became a scourge.

As result, many children were orphaned and with one or none of the parents or even guardians. Among those infected and affected by HIV were three of my own sisters and two brothers. This situation was touching and dire because I personally learned the hard way to take care of the aids patients right from own house.

However, I was lucky in that we lost the young one in the family not the parents even though they also had children but rather I was there to give care to their children unlike other families which became child headed homes where children took care of their fellow children.

That background inspired me to start ISAC KIDS because there were many children who needed psycho social care and some required medical care because they were already infected and suffering. In 2007 September, I started taking care of 24 children using my meager resources, I would move to schools sensitizing the students about the dangers of HIV AND AIDS as well as how to prevent it, drugs and substance abuse, disability among children and with the blessing of God; I was able to get some friends from the USA who helped to carry on the journey and vision.