1. We identify the poor, orphaned and needy children through the Local Council (LC) Government leaders. We are approach the leaders with the intent to help give hope to those seemingly hopeless children. We ask the leaders to identify the children for us.

2. We make three different investigative visits to the home to really ascertain whether the information given to us about the children and the families is consistent. We do this separately using different people each of those times and un announced.

3. The guardian/parent of the children is given a recommendation letter from the Local Council (LC) Government leader signed and stamped. We take this letter and create a file for the child. So we have copy at the village council office where this child comes from and at our (ISAC) office.

4. Because we respect our culture, we leave those children get integrated in the community unless if a child is completely without any body to take care of them, that is when we shall seek to build a home for them to stay in the future.

5. We then take the picture of the child which is sent to our friends in USA after a thorough consideration.

6. After the child gets sponsorship, we work closely with the schools where the ISAC children are placed. This is so because we want to make sure that the children are receiving Christian Education besides the regular education.

7. We invite the children every Saturday on the days code named Child Center Days. Here the children are taught bible lessons and fellowship together.

8. We visit the home where the child stays to;

     A: Evaluate the conditions under which the child stays i.e. the child’s beddings, daily living, etc

     B: Evaluate the domestic relationships, remember if a child is abused, this will affect their psychology leading to poor performance in school

     C: Teach them the word of God with the help of one of the Ministry worker.

9. In case a child does not adhere to this program, for instance if the child misses 2 – 3 Saturdays without a sound reason, then she/he faces disciplinary action.

We pray that this information will help you to understand how ISAC identifies children for sponsorship.

How does ISAC work?

ISAC does not own a school but instead we place children in schools which will captivate Christian Morals in the children. We work in conjunction with the school teachers and administration to close down the gap between the Ministry and the schools where these children go.

We are currently in the process of starting TITUS School, which will be a boarding school which all of our ISAC Kids can attend.